On making icebergs and beating up dueling instructors

As written by Corin Ranier

I guess it is my turn to write down our story, so I will do my best.

We’ve been doing an awful lot of rafting and poling lately, and I was dead beat. It would have been nice to stay up and listen to the warforged get to know each other, like Oz was able to, but keeping the spirits in line as we crossed the lake really took it out of me. Spirits obey the ancient pacts, but they can get cross over the details. When I held them to task for over an hour, they really made me work for it!

Still, since Lee made the boat and Oz helped a lot with getting in to the magic school, it was the least I could do. I hope the things that I taught Anny made sense. I’ll try to show her more of my nature book when I get a chance.

After we left Coop, who seemed a bit broken up by the whole thing, we knew that we had to finish scouting the mage college. We were, and are, running low on food, so we only have another couple days to finish up. We made a lot of progress, though, so we might be able to succeed.

It looks like there are tests hidden in the college, tests that empower our school rings. One of them was a combat test, where we had to fight a very large warforged who had been left to sit there for a very long time. Dast confused him with some fast talk, which made him pause for a little while, and was able to talkehim into a fight to the knockout rather than a fight to death, and then we pounded the pudding out of him. He was pretty friendly, after that, and is looking forward to leaving the school. It is going to be very nice if we can make (ha!) more friends in this city.

The next lab we explored was full of strange portals. I didn’t really get the trick behind them, but Lee and Oz both caught on immediately. We earned another badge after we found a couple strange spheres that existed with, or beside, the control spheres that made the portals switch destinations. We had to fight a bunch of angry bats in the process, but we made pretty short work of them. I think we are getting the hang of this place, and I’m getting a little more used to my abilities. I still feel the primal urge running alongside my thoughts, like those misty orbs. Oz tried to mash the black orb and the green orb together, but it didn’t work very well. I wonder if I might have better luck?


halcy DiomedesRex

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