Ozthunwald's Latest Account

Herein lies the account of heroic deeds and actions undertaken by Ozthumwold Brondt, a Wizard, Corin, a Warrior, Lee, a Rogue, Nezit, a Cleric and Dazt, a Ghost. Chronicled by Ozthumwold Brondt.

Our time in the shadow quarter had come to an end. The party was set to travel to the Bridge quarter, whose towering eponymous structure loomed in the distance. We took to the boat that Lee had crafted and slowly made our way across central lake, careful not to disturb the crab-men.

As we approached an ancient dock, still in remarkable condition considering ravages of water and weather, we were ambushed by saughogen and a terrible crab-man. Many hurts were given and taken, as our enemies fought with cunning and strength. Several times the party regrouped to push our attackers back into the depths, and finally with one last push we sat upon the field victorious.

Moving quickly to find shelter after our trials, Lee scouted out the building just beyond the landing. It appeared to be a still serviceable structure that once must have served as a tavern, replete with money chest and potent potables. Sadly the beds had long since rotted out, and so the party sought out higher ground to better survey the terrain.

The buildings in this quarter are well built and sturdy against the elements, making the climb to the top of a parapeted tower the work of minutes rather than arduous hours. From there the party took its bearings and located the Mage’s College and its relation to the Great Bridge. Triangulating from our position, we plotted a swift and unobstructed course to the College.

The College itself seemed to float upon the air, well over three times the height of a man, with no visible doors or ladders to avail ourselves of. The party then undertook a search of the area, certain that an entrance of some sort must invariably be found. It was not long when I came upon a strange layout of runes and symbols, which were actually a guide for how to perform a transportation ritual. Precisely following the ritual, the party soon found itself at the entrance of the Mage’s College.

There we were greeted by a Magic Mouth, which challenged us to a puzzle to gain admittance to the College proper. The party quickly used our wits to solve the puzzle and become students of the College, thereby gaining access to its halls.

We then searched the halls, hoping to find the great Library and the treasure trove of ancient and occult knowledge therein. Yet at each turn we were thwarted by more Magic Mouths demanding credentials beyond our possession to gain trespass.

At the present time we are preparing to enter the Research Laboratories, having found the credentials of a Sophomore student and correctly guessed the name of an ancient professor of College. Though I am loathe to resort to trickery and guile to enter, I cannot deny I thirst for the knowledge that might be beyond these doors.


halcy halcy

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