Ozthunwald's Ongoing Chronicling

Herein lies the account of heroic deeds and actions undertaken by Ozthumwold Brondt, a Wizard, Corin, a Warrior, Lee, a Rogue, Nezit, a Cleric and Dazt, a Ghost. Chronicled by Ozthumwold Brondt.

We awoke in the fortified basement in the evening. The Shadow Quarter continued to pose many difficulties to the party, the first of which was that the primary activity of business commenced after the setting of the sun. We set to disguising ourselves in the way of the locals, dark hair, drab clothing and pale skinned. Each of us, saving for Dazt (a ghost), had taken a healthy color of activity from our time in the Round-About quarter, and so it was imperative that we be well disguised lest the locals believe us to be ‘fae’ touched.
Leaving the relative safety of the basement we set about exploring the quarter. We were each struck by the amount of nocturnal activity, our adventures during the daylight having not prepared us for population in the evening. As we rounded a corner, Anna stopped us to inform us of what she had learnt during her scouting. We quickly saw that the locals did not patrol fastidiously, and were unconcerned with the goings on of the populace in general. There were several Watch Towers in the distance, but they appeared concerned with the conduct of business on the borders rather than the doings on the streets.

After some asking after, the party was presented with the Night Market, located towards the center of the quarter. I was in awe of the sheer number of participants in such a marketplace, with many dozens of merchants and patrons. We broke into two groups to better find less makeshift clothing and accoutrements. Dazt, Lee and Corin took to one side of the Market and Nezit and myself took the other. Quickly Dazt and Lee began bartering with a merchant. It was soon apparent that we had no coin, only jewelry that the merchant could not exchange. He told of a woman named (elven script) Poison Wound who is a money changer and merchant who could offer us assistance.

We proceeded to the Low River to find (elven script) Poison Wound, however the barkeeper therein would only assist us if we performed an errand for him. He had a set of poisons which the local apothecary needed post haste, and so we returned to the Night Market. Finding him at his cart and stall, we espied a man fleeing with purple hair. Upon our entreaties with the apothecary we found that this was the same Necromancer who had attempted to waylay us with his Zombies. He still bore the scars of ice and frost and so still knew our wrath.

Returning to the Low River the bartender gave the party directions to the lair of (elven script) Poison Wound and we made our way to her strong house. We were greeted at the door by an elf with a shock of white hair and dark skin. (elven script) Poison Wound and her associates were, to our surprise, Drow. We were taken to her where Dazt bartered for goods and gold for our jewelery.


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