Ozthunwold's Chronicles: Mage College Edition

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(In an elegant and precise hand)

Herein lies the chronicle of Ozthumwold Brondt, a wizard, concerning the heroic deeds and actions undertaken by a party of heroes; Ozthumwold, Corin, Lee, Nezit and Dast (a ghost).

We continued our search in what appeared to once have been the servants sleeping quarters. Bunks were still arrayed in tidy rows, undisturbed by the intervening long years. Our comestibles running low, we each undertook a search of the room. Lee demonstrated his swift fingers in opening long abandoned chests and a keen insight into the human condition, finding materials both occult and profoundly educational secreted away centuries ago.

We then considered our options to gain access to the library. The apparition had told us that servants would often deliver materials and messages to the mages in the library and so we settled upon a message to be delivered on behalf of Mikel Oakenheart. I wrote out a note concerning the 3rd derivative of the prime occidental symbol set while Lee carved a seal to set the illusion out of a tuber. Our ruse set, we followed the servant’s corridor to the library exit. Corin noted that it would be most logical for silver-tongued Dast to offer the scroll to the magic mouth, insurance against the hint of deception. Dast approached the magic mouth and found that servants could only enter the library when accompanied by a member of the since departed staff. As we searched the library vestibule for any item which might allow us access I approached the magic mouth to try and reason with it. In the course of my vain attempts, the mouth offered me an examination to become a librarian’s aide!

We were soon transported to a room with a series of shining orbs and large cubes which blocked advancement. There were two chalices in the room which had to be brought out to pass the examination. The orbs allowed the possessor to shift to a different space, leaving the orb in a contra-location. We quickly put our heads together and with great alacrity solved the puzzle set out before us.

Entering the library, we could immediately see that things were amiss. Ominous sounds emanated from the chamber, the sound of cracking leather and liquid shadow. The shelves of books extended on either side high into the shadows above. Dimly we could make out two large fists composed of viscous shadow, deeper into the library stood an imposing figure, pulsating with a sentient darkness.

From all around us were attacked by tomes come to life. The fists of shadow pummeled our party and pools of living darkness devoured our sight. Corin proved to be a fearsome foe, leaping from ground to high and assaulting the interlopers. I summoned the elements to our aide as Nesit called down the wrath of Pelor. Lee danced a turn of violence as Dast played battle hymns to inspire our courage and bring despair to the wicked.

Our enemies defeated, we set to learning what could be learnt from the Grand Library. Volumes concerning rituals and magical theory were abundant as were careful histories of the land. Many hours were spent in study, some going without rest or sustenance in the name of learning.


halcy halcy

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