The World According to a Network of Magic Mouths

A grouping of freshmen entered the Research Hall, on the business of guest-professor Mikel Oakenheart. Following the instructions of the Research Hall greeting device, they proceeded to use the teleportation circles to reach their destination.

Firstly, they went into the Flora and Fauna Hall, where the effects of arcane energies upon life and the effects of life upon arcane energies are studied in greater detail than at lecture. Regrettably the animal specimens there for research and familiar breeding purposes had been deceased for some time. The vermin who had settled into the area were present, and highly aggressive. The freshmen were adequate to the task of cleansing vermin from the Hall.

Several tools were borrowed, as well as a book that had been previously misplaced from the library.

Once their task was finished they observed the healthy specimen of Quercus Megafloris Arcanus in some detail, noting the broad bark patterns, the boughs’ readiness to accept graftings from other natural trees, and the massive density and strength of the wood. This generous gift from the elves of Ol continues to provide educational opportunities, although the secrets of the propogation of this noble species remain well hidden.

After noting all they could from the specimen without the aid of an instructor, the students returned to the entrance to the Research Hall. From there, they methodically made their way to the Enchantment Hall.

The hall’s illusory walls gave the freshmen some trouble until one of their number managed to open the Instructor’s and Student’s storage, whereupon some directions were found. Such initiative without an instructor present is commendable. Guest-professor Oakenheart is not on campus, and/or is not responding to hails.

Once the directions were found and understood, the students made their way through the Enchantment hall until they found the in-progress Warforged, the work of Professor Ganeoford, master Artificer to the school. When presented with the challenge of six unfinished artifice projects such as these, the new scholarship lads showed commendable initiative and decided as a group to undertake the work themselves.


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