Chargen Session Results

Allen is playing Leberwald ‘Lee’ Hankle, an agile young man whose shadow seems to have a contrarian mind of its own. He’s generous and competitive, and has a passel of siblings. People feel a cautious pity for him since Big Lee the Carpenter is such a drunk.

Scott is playing Osthunwald ‘Oz’ Brondt, who has assisted his father in holding classes for the villages on the Albed river. A lover of knowledge and focused on justice. Little comment is made of his black-colored eyes.

Josh is playing Nesit, who was adopted by one of the local churches. Blue tints his hands and feet. Nesit has a poor reputation among the villages, since his approach to religious discussion is considered odd. An isolated young man who is often oblivious to the moods of others and grasping in nature.

Daniel is playing Corin, a strong farmer’s kid. Even though his father is a woodsman, Corin is discouraged from leaving the fields and taking up his father’s trade. Eager to help people, he’s definitely liked at the Mill and local farms. Chided to wear some shoes over his furry feet whenever he forgets.

Alex is playing Dast the Lyre, one whose unfortunate fate will hopefully not be catching. Tiny horns and a love of song mark him. Patient and willing to put himself in harm’s way. The past has flowed away from him.

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