Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines

  • What do your parents do?
    You live in one of a small chain of villages on a river. Not many travelers come through the area, those that do are either the sort that get asked to be on their way, or they’re regular quarry wagons that come for stone from the tower to the north.
    Decide what profession puts food on the table, be it farming, smithing, quarrying, or some other approved skill.
  • Choose a trait from the following list. If you don’t see any you like, ask about it.
  • Black Eyes (Low-Light Vision)
  • White Hair (+2 to saves vs death or unconsiousness)
  • Tiny Horns (+1 Charisma)
  • Red Skin at extremeties (Fire Resistance 2 per tier)
  • Fangs (+2 to Endurance)
  • Green Hair (+1 AC when within 1 square of trees)
  • Pale Skin (Undead Rapport)
  • Wrong Shadow (Reflexive Stealth)
  • Blue Skin at Extremities (Lightning Resistance 2 per tier)
  • Long-Limbed (Re-roll Escape Checks)
  • Furry Feet (Ignore Rough Terrain when making Shifts)
  • Orange Tongue (You may ignite a small fire, and re-roll Intimidate checks)
  • Black-Purple Tongue with Yellow Stripe (Mimicry)
  • Tusks (5 temp HP when Bloodied per tier)
  • Choose a ‘First Destiny’, the character class you’re planning on. Think just a little bit on how you want to play that class, then go ahead and save those thoughts for later.
  • Stats will be generated as in the PHB
  • Your starting villages are overwhelmingly human. If you want to play a different race, please speak to me.
  • Your character, as you may have guessed, starts at Level 0. This means you have;
  • Healing Surges = Con Bonus
  • Constitution Score = HP Score
  • 1 Trained Skill (Choose a skill you could have feasibly learned from your parents)
  • Your Human Bonus Skill (At +2, not +5 yet)
  • Your Human Bonus Feat
  • Your Human Defense Bonuses
  • Knowledge of Common, Literacy
  • Your starting XP is -500. When that reaches 0, you’ll be eligible for level 1.
  • Backgrounds are welcome; You can get a +2 bonus with one of the associated Skills or you can have an associated Skill added to your Class’s list (when you get one :3 ). Try to avoid Backgrounds that presuppose adulthood or don’t make sense with the story, if you’re uncertain about it talk to me.

Treasure and Other Progress

  • What about the loot?
    This will be a low-loot game. What magic items show up in the game will be precious, and can be influenced by the owner’s power and desires (You will have chances to level and modify what magic items you do get).
    There will be alternate story rewards such as one-off powers, Master and Grandmaster Training, and Boons.

Home Fronts

The Villages

A bit of background and facts for the villages you were raised in.

Character Creation

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