Ghost Characters

An option for webcam-enabled tabletop players.

Materialized Mode

A ghostly character that persists when a planar-invested character dies may materialize into a semblance of what they were in life in times of great stress or emotion. They are not in control of this shift most of the time and when combat looms, they cannot simply choose to opt out. Such manifestations usually last for about 5 minutes after the threat is gone.

While materialized, the character has stats as normal, generated from the PHBs options and improved by leveling. They may use any class abilities, skills and powers they would like as normal.

A Ritual might compel such a ghost to materialize for a time, but where would you find such a ritual?

While materialized, the character may equip items like any character. Unlike normal characters, when the ghost dematerializes, this equipment may try to go with them! Up to 50% of the character’s Normal Load may be disincorporated with the ghostly character, to return next they materialize. While the ghost is incorporeal, these items are unavailable to other characters.

Incorporeal Mode

Stats do not change. The incorporeal ghost is visible to others as a ghostly image of medium size with a tiny or small possessed item. The image levitates above the ground, but does not fly (yet!). An incorporeal ghost of this kind can shift or move items up to their Strength score in pounds. They may not attack physical creatures in this way.

Incorporeal ghosts lose access to equipment that was not disincorporated with them. Equipment that did may still provide bonuses to Attributes, Skills and Defenses. While Incorporeal, the character may not use physical Skills, Abilities or Powers.

An attacker must use non-physical attacks to harm an Incorporeal PC. They may purposefully harm and destroy the object(s) the ghost possesses, but after a period of dormancy lasting 6 hours, the PC will be anchored to a new item.

To clarify again – an incorporeal being may harm an incorporeal Ghost and vice versa. A physical being may not harm an incorporeal Ghost with physical attacks and vice versa.

An Incorporeal Ghost may survey, listen and speak in the area where its possessed items are. They cannot pass through solid objects, because their possessed items are still physical. On the flip side of that, trying to move the possessed items against the ghost’s will is as hard as moving the whole corporeal person the ghost represents.


A ghost character may not benefit from use of the Heal skill, although they may use the Heal skill on others while Manifested.

A ghost PC possesses and may use Healing Surges as normal, recovering them through rest like any other character.

A ghost PC may not Manifest while resting. While in an Extended Rest, the character goes ‘Dormant’ and sees, hears and interacts like a sleeping person.

They may benefit from healing spells and abilities while Manifested, but not while Incorporeal. Arcana may be used to act as a Heal skill for either form.

Ghost Characters

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