Lands of the Encroachment

Fey Neighbors

Mithrendain, the Autumn City

Mithrendain is a lovely forest-city, different from the Boughs of the mortal realm. It hides a history of Fomorian attack, and guard-elites secretly hunt for signs of infiltration. Aligned with the Summer Court, Mithrendain has recovered from its involvement in the Encroachment War. Winter Fey have been making inroads to visit Mithrendain and see for themselves the effects of being so near to the Shadowfell.

Nachtur, the Goblin Kingdom

The Great Gark rules Nachtur, and is ever trying to unite all goblin peoples under his banner. Nachtur pantomimes at being a civilized empire, sending out ambassadors from time to time.

Nachtur also hosts one of the largest casinos in the known world, where enterprising goblins host all manner of outsiders and try to turn their cunning into coin.

Shadow Neighbors

The House of Black Lanterns

A mysterious crossroads location, it is a simple inn that serves as a haven for those who find it and enter. It is named for the high number of wrought iron lanterns standing throughout the inn grounds and stables. Currently run by a Teifling who claims to have won the location in a bet. How the House remains standing after all the conflict is a mystery.

Myrturrul, the Shadar Empire

The capitol city of Myrtus rests close to the other lands of encroachment and was the bulwark from which the shadow lands won the Encroachment War. Myrturrul is a heretical empire of Shadar-Kai who revere the Raven Queen and believe their relationship with death empowers them to subjugate and utilize the undead. Truer followers of the Goddess hotly contest this and have no dealings with Myrturrul but for violence. The same heresy that makes the Empire hated makes it strong; dead people work their fields, dead people fill ranks in their armies, and dead people clear waste from their cities. The Citadel of Ashen’dhall is still Myrturrul’s military center.

Mortal Neighbors

Beaodegrad, Kingdom of the Lion’s Mane

The human kingdom whose feeble remnants your characters hail from used to be a powerful nation, in contact with its neighbors and active in trade and conquest. Nowadays the borders of ‘Old Beaodegrad’ are permeable, leadership xenophobic, trade weak and conquest a joke that has gotten old.

The Boughs of Ul and Ol

Elves of the area cloister themselves in their Boughs, which are massive enough to change the local weather and support their own ecology. Ol has been broken and rotting for ages, a casualty of the Encroachment. Elves of Ul keep to the Ulf Forest when they set foot on land and seek to avoid other races. Titan’s Bramble to the north, Naught to the east and mountains to the west make Ul difficult to approach indeed. While they remember other lost boughs, this memory has not made them eager to rebuild.

The Dwarves of Stoneroot

Furious still at the elves responsible for the Titan’s Bramble, the dwarves of the Stoneroot Mountains persevere.

Lands of the Encroachment

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