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Character Creation

Special rules and considerations for creating a character in this game.

Your Apprenticeship

Crafting rules for a broad manner of disciplines. Hopefully you will progress from Journeyman to Master in good time.

The Encroachment

Some information on the strange planar seepage that affects the world.

Naming Charts

Roll some dice, get some terrible names!

The Year of Seasons

Setting calendar, with holidays.

Rules Spotlights

Special rules for the campaign.

Hunter’s Yarns

An introduction to Prestigious Hunts.

Lands of the Encroachment

Places near the Encroachment of the planes near.

Experience Keys

Special character traits and goals you can use to get more XP for roleplaying.

Combat Expediators

Tips on speeding combat when necessary.

Eating Drinking and Sleeping

Special considerations for food, drink and shelter.

Ghost Characters

Main Page

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