Casting time: 2hrs repeatable, up to 6hrs

Craft Check: 1/2 Level + Tools + Training Bonus + Con, Str or Wis

Choose whether you are a Patient (Wis), Powerful (Str) or Persistent (Con) Stonemason

Success Count; 1 per Square

You can turn raw stone into useful items and structures.

Tools: Hammer, Stone Chisel, Plumb Line

To decide what a Stonemason needs to roll against, determine the number of squares that will be filled by the completed project and the quality desired. Each success fills a square with completed work.

  • Shoddy Work: Base DC 5
  • Rough Work: Base DC 10
  • Sturdy Work: Base DC 15
  • Fine Work: Base DC 20

Goods made with Stonemasonry have a duration based on their quality. When this duration is up, the goods must Save vs Disrepair. Items in Disrepair do not fulfill their intended function and must be repaired or salvaged. If the item’s duration passes again and it is still in Disrepair it must make another save, or be Destroyed. Destroyed masonry cannot be repaired, only salvaged for 50% of the original material.

  • Shoddy Duration: 1 Season
  • Rough Duration: 1 Year
  • Sturdy Duration: 10 Years
  • Fine Duration: 50 Years

For every +2 DC, you can add +1 to the duration (1 season becomes 2, then 3 seasons, but 10 years becomes 20, then 30)

For every +4 to the DC OR +1 to Successes you can specialize, adding a quality to your creation such as a type of Stronghold room, Spiked, and so on.

Special Materials: Special Materials are naturally more long lasting when properly worked than normal stone. You get an automatic +2 Duration bonus. With a +4 DC, certain properties can be added (such as a keyword, a bonus to some types of skills involving the structure [think of a well built workshop]).

Special Materials MUST be worked to Rough, Sturdy or Fine Quality. Working with them is pleasant, reducing the base DC by 2.

Epic Materials: Epic Materials, when worked into a finished product, sometimes seem like they will last forever. The DC to add duration to Carpentry made with Epic Materials is +1, and a +4 bonus duration is automatic. A special property or enchantment is automatic, and every +5 DC adds another element of wonder.

Epic Materials MUST be worked to Sturdy or Fine quality. Working with them is a rare pleasure, and the base DC is reduced by 5.

Your Apprenticeship



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