The Year of Seasons

4 Seasons, 12 Months that Follow Them

The starting area of the campaign has all 4 seasons in a mostly even balance. Months are named after the season they are in, 3 months per season, and are called First, Second and Third Season. Months are a standard 30 days, with a corrective leap of three ‘Lost Days’ every five years.

Some communities use a ‘Waxing, dominant, waning’ naming convention for seasonal months.

Underground communities have a 13 month lunar calendar, with formal names of months taken from Illustrious leadership and gods of the past.

Holidays and Ritedays

Days of celebration and days of ritual are popular among all races, and tend to reflect a mix of their racial character and the natural turnings of the year.

First Spring
  • New Year – 1st of First Spring – Affirming that the sun has returned and prosperity with it, the New Year is a small feast with a strong ritual component. Households and settlements work to purge themselves of uncleanliness and death. This can range from modest incense burnings and a traditional written letter that is sacrificed on the hearth to an extravagant ceremony requiring a cleric or four. Very involved celebrants will make effigies of things that they did not like in themselves to burn in hopes of discarding these qualities in the year to come.

Second Spring

Third Spring
  • Soddenday – 1st of Third Spring – A day to celebrate new fertility, instead of just complaining about flooding. Gifts of painted eggs are traditional, and participants are expected to have some to give lest they be splashed with water or accosted with a willow switch.

First Summer

Second Summer
  • Midsummer’s Eve – 15th of Second Summer – Large bonfires are set ablaze, and merrymaking is had as people wait for the sun to finally set on the longest day. Throughout the day, garlands of flowers are cast into the river and their drifting used to tell fortunes. Prouder folk test one another’s resistance to heat by leaping over fires, walking on coals, and so on.

Third Summer

First Fall
  • Ash Day – 8th of First Fall – Commemorating the loss of life on one of the final battles of the Encroachment War.

Second Fall

Third Fall
  • Ghost Festival – 30th of Third Fall – During the Ghost Festival, the barriers between the Afterlife and the World are said to be thin. Lanterns are lit to guide the dead, and feasts are held with empty seats just for them.

First Winter

Second Winter
  • Midwinter’s Eve – 15th of Second Winter – The best thing for rousing the spirits of a community when the days are shortest and coldest. Midwinter’s eve feasts are accompanied by performances of traditional tales.

Third Winter

The Year of Seasons

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