Corin weighs in, Shroom Dragon knocked out

The Ups and Downs of the Fortress Quarter

Aww man, I guess it’s my turn to put down some notes. There are a lot of them.

We made it back to Nag’Slaugh safely enough, but she won’t be ready to leave for four more days. Most of us wanted to spend the time in different ways, but she offered us a lot of money for a complete map of the city. That got Oz all excited, and we didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

We took kind of a round-about way, but it was for the best. We went back to the lake and then paddled over to the Fortress Quarter. We didn’t really search through many of the buildings, and instead headed straight for the keep. We did find some mushroom men, definitely feral, and beat them until they couldn’t stand up anymore.

Oops, I skipped a part.

We’ve learned that the Mir-tul empire is expanding into the fortress quarter, and we’re not sure we like the sound of that. On the one hand, the more they spread the easier it will be to get goods and services, but the more likely it is that we will be spotted and guards sic’ed on us. We talked about it, and decided that we would try to slow down their expansion.

With that in mind, we’re trying to be careful when we fight. We left the mushroom men alive so that they could hinder the Mir-tul. We know where they are now, and how to avoid them. The Mir-tul don’t.

We also spotted one patrol and attacked them. Their use of the undead seems to help the shadow encroachment grow, so I think that the nature spirits promote their destruction, but it is hard for me to just ask them. Nesit wants to wipe them all out, but these are still people that we are killing. Maybe if we drive the Mir-a-tus Annori (better ask Oz how that one’s spelled) out, things would calm down. As it was, we buried them under a building, so they will never be found.

We also met a tribe of small goblins that infest the quarter. They dig small warrens to avoid what we’ve started calling ‘the Shroom Dragon’. They are friendly enough, more focused on survival that pestering us, so we came up with a few ideas. The goblins helped show us shortcuts through the quarter, and we -will-would fight the shroom dragon for them. Up top, at the keep, we found a tribe of Orcs that have set up camp there. For the first time, we had an audience for one of our fights. I painted up Dast with some nature symbols, and then we fought the dragon. He went down, hard, and I activated the magic in the berry juice. Dast was able to talk to the shroom dragon and tell it that the Fortress quarter was our territory now, and he would need to hunt in the Shade quarter. I think he understood, then went to sleep it off.

We also went to convince the Orcs to do the same. Pretty soon the Mir’tul will have their hands busy, I think. We might come back to the Fortress quarter later, as there are probably lots of banks and dungeons and collapsed forts that we could explore, but now we need to pack up and head to the Industrial quarter, where we can finish mapping this city.

We have three days of food left, and then we need to hurry back to Nag’Slaugh and escape this city. I have a feeling that we will be back, though.


halcy DiomedesRex

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