Nesit's Adventure Log

In the Name of Pelor, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Grant us the wisdom and grace to realize your holy plan on this dangerous journey. The days grow shorter I am reminded of the passage, “O you who believe! Remember the Grace of Pelor, bestowed on you, when these came down on you hosts (to overwhelm you).”

On sunrise this morning, I and my company continued to serve Your Benevolence in our pilgrimage. We encountered a stables where horses had once been kept. Though no signs of recent activity were at the stables, there were still many small reminders of Your Illuminated Path, and I thank You, Great One Whom We Hold Above All Others for this with my prayers.

You have designed the plants of the world to be versatile, and our travels this day brought us to a great arboretum. By exploring the ways Your creation can be used, the people who had built this arboretum had constructed many natural wonders.
A great tree used to grow a variety of fruits is another way that you show Your love for us, in harmony with Your grand design. The hazards we encountered upon entering were a testament to Your love.

We salvaged several herbs which will be used to heal and protect my companions, in further service to You, the Shining One.

I pray for intercession on behalf of my associate Corren, who has discovered some shocking news about his ancestry. His heritage may prove useful to us before the story of our lives is told. Bless him and watch over him as he comes to terms with his new awareness. May his actions serve You, in Your name.

May you continue to lead us, Lord, as you have done, by revealing the clues in our natural surroundings that we may continue to avoid the hazards that may hinder us. The violent and filthy goblins have proven to be little obstacle so far, and with Your Grace, I pray that we may continue to spread Your Benevolent Justice.

I pray that Your Holy Light may continue to flow through me as Your Vessel. Fill my cup, Lord, that I may fill the cups of others. I pray that my companions see Your Light, and remain on Your path to enlightenment.

We believe in the Lord of Worlds, the maker of Heaven and Earth. God of Seasons, of Light, of Bounty. Whoever honors the sacred rights of Pelor, for him it is good in the sight of his Lord. Amen.


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