Hunter's Yarns

This one time…

Old Broadsnout was a hog that ran wild and dug up plots, maimed good working animals and grew ever larger and rowdier out in the woods. His ways were ended by Baudrick the Woodsman, though the fight cost him four days in bed and a further month with a bad leg.

Another time there was a stag with antlers of an improbable count of points, and a lion wandering to the village’s border of the Grey Plains that had to be as big as a horse.

A good Hunt becomes a good Yarn

Hunts are called for in the service of the community, of course, but they’re also cherished as a source of good stories where Man overcomes Nature. You can bet your leg that Woodsman Baudrick took a tusk off of Old Broadsnout and keeps it to this very day, and uses his stories to get cheap or free beers off of eager listeners.

Perhaps some day you’ll be able to brag about your favorite hunts.

How you’ll find Hunts

Differing regions have their own beasts of prestige and legend. A good place to start is asking the locals if there are renowned creatures worth a good hunt. Druids might also be able to discover where animals upending the balance of life are. Hunts are ranked at Apprentice, Journeyman and Master for difficulty by professional hunters and bounty makers.

Hunter's Yarns

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